Importing files from Corel Draw

A Friend of mine asked me to make an animaton test with his characters, but all his drawings are made in Corel Draw 10. I’ve tried 2 workarounds without much success.

1- The AI file I’ve exported form corel gave me the message “unsuported round caps, unsuported round joints”, and inported nothing.

2- I’ve tried to export a SWF file directly form corel, but TBS put each element in one layer, So, the BG drawing turned into a HUGE scene with 308 layers!

Just to be sure, I’ve imported the same SWF into the Flash 8 program, and the drawing was imported wuth all the elements in only one layer as it should be.

If I load the SWF exported in Corel into Flas, and Export again, TBS reads the file in just one layer, but I want to avoid using flash just as a “filter”.

Can Anyone help me?



I believe you can use PDF format as your export and TBS will import that. This is similar to what has to be done when coming from AI later versions. -JK

Thanks man! It worked out fine! :slight_smile: