Importing 'External' Templates & Files.

Hi everyone,

Question using Toon Boom Harmony.

For the life of me I can’t perform the simplest task of importing into Toon Boom, file ‘Templates and Drawings’ which I’ve downloaded from the Toon Boom web site to use as a test.

Ultimately, I want to work-share with my colleague and send over animated time lines (if that can be done?) or more than likely for him to import into the library animated sequences… Templates, Symbols or …?

I have gone through the pdf, but I’m obviously missing something.

Thank you in advance for your attention regarding this query.

Nev (UK)

Toon Boom Harmony queries should be addressed directly to If you’re working with the networked version of Harmnoy, then you can share files directly. Otherwise you can save a template of your scene. Please follow up with

Toon Boom Support

Hi Lily,

I found the User Guide - CONTROL CENTRE - PDF page 37 Exporting Data.

I think this is the section that’s relevant to my query. Any other feedback would be welcomed.

Thanks for your time, I know you folk are busy.