Importing Drawings Question

Greetings all,

I am creating a toon and I want to make the intro using my physical pencil drawings, as I can’t get the same effect in Animate 2. The end result will hopefully be my pencil drawings over a map parchment background. Here is a good example.

I’ve been stewing on how I’m going to accomplish this but thought I’d ask for some tips.

I was thinking was I get the images into Animate 2 I could just make them transparent or turn the alpha down…but now that I’m thinking about it making the image transparent doesn’t actually get rid of the white from the paper and it might cause an unwanted look. Also I don’t suppose I could turn the alpha down since it’s not a color in the software, nor would it solve the paper issue as well.

Any ideas?

Not sure if Animate 2 has “Blending effects”, Animate Pro might have ?
Harmony 12 Advanced / Premium has:

Place your pencil drawing layer in front of the parchment background layer,
Then connect the Blending effect to your drawing and experiment with the Blend Modes.
Try Screen, Overlay etc…

If you wish, keyframe your drawing with Transparency.

If you scan your physical drawings into Photoshop and remove the background you can export/import the line layer into Animate. Also, one of the vector options imports the lines and ignores a white background. Use a bitmap image of parchment in a layer for the background.