importing cut outs & setting up, beware im noob :D

I have my cut-outs done in photoshop & saved in different png’s:
Head, Upperbody, lowerbody… etc
when i import it into toon boom, they are scaled up and have the same size… kinda zoomd out, have to rescale them to a such an extent that i cannot control scaling anymore (they start flipping V or H).

Im trying to rig it to use the IK…

and, how do i set up a back ground image, to trace motion frame-by-frame…

any help will be greatful…
Thanks & regards

In Photoshop open a blank file with the same resolution as your Toon Boom project /
Place your image and cut it apart to different layers (Layer / New / Layer via Cut)
Save this file as Photoshop-file /

Open Toon Boom Studio / File / Import File / Navigate to your saved .psd-file /
Check “Preserve original layers of Photoshop files” /
All your layers will appear in their own image layer / Rename them to your liking /

For precise scaling / Open the Properties-Panel / Select your Element /
Type in the Scale windows your exact values / If you like check Keep Proportions /
(using - (minus) before the value will flip the image)

Rig your character as usual… (unfortunately Studio hasn’t IK yet)
Building hierarchies with images (dragging one into the other)
might result that some images are getting smaller…?
Hold down the Shift-key and drag them up to your desired size…
or use the above mentioned scale-technique…

Import your Movie you would like to use for tracing / File / Import File /
Either move this Element down in the Timeline or use the Top View
and drag it slightly backwards or use the Offset in the Properties Panel
or select the Rotate Tool, hold down the Option+Command keys (Mac)
until you see the double arrow and drag up or down for backward
or forward movement…


Please have a look at “JK’s” excellent Introduction to Photo Cut Out Animation: