Importing Color Images to Animate

Sorry if this may have been posted already. I’ve checked the forums etc. But I have not been able to find out if I can import an image with color to the drawing mode to animate, such as a face from digital camera or scanned image from a periodical. An example would be like the ‘Sadaam Hussein’ character’s head on the South Park cartoons where they use a photo of him for his head and then drew in the rest of his body. I’ve scanned images and also imported JPEG images but they come in as black and white to the point that I can’t tell what I’m looking at. Can I go through Photoshop somehow and cut and paste and maintain the original color? Pardon me for my inexperience. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.


Are you talking about after you vectorize them? If so, I’ve been having this problem too. I haven’t figured it out yet either. I import a lot because I use text that I need to animate. What I get is B&W and jagged edges that I have to fix. It isn’t fun. :frowning:

If you figure it out, let me know.

When you Import & Vectorize into a Drawing Element, it converts the image to black and white. You then need to recolor within TBS.

If you Import Images into an Image Element, it is a bitmap and retains it’s colors. You could certainly bring a Saddam head in this way. You would probably want to bring the jaw in as a separate image so that you could animate it.


Well, that explains it. Bummer… Oh well, going ahead I won’t take the time to color them in paint. I liked using pain because it has the airbrush option.

I have CorelDraw 9 but it is a bit more advanced than I’m used to.

Can you use images and make them move? I was under the impression that image elements couldn’t be moved or manipulated.

You need to use pegs, I believe, to make them move.


When I try to import an image in a layer the colors are inverted like a photo negative. Why is that?