Importing characters and color issues

Hello everyone,

I am now trying to import one of my characters to another project that already has an existing character. For some reason, when I import the second character it affects the colors of both the characters. I know it has to do with palettes and importing, but I’ve tried and I keep ending up with the same color issues. Thanks in advance for your responses.


You have to pull color override modules and attach them to both characters individually, then in those select the palle of respective character in pallete override.

Guess I’ll have to study up on how to use color override. I saw the options for it, but not sure how it works. Thanks for the response.


the whole and hard truth about your problem is that, if you want to get rid of these colour palette conflicts you’ll have to create a new indepenent colour palette for one of your two characters and repaint it, drawing by drawing, layer by layer. But, don’t worry. We all went through this. :slight_smile:

In order to understand what is happening to your character’s colours, I advise you to watch Tracy Stongs tutorial on colour palettes:

…and you also could have a look at this feature request where the problem is discussed and described:

Okay great. Thank you very much. I will watch these videos, I appreciate your help.

So after watching that video. It seems that the best practice would be to create all the characters within the same project and give each character their own assigned palette. And each time I want to add another a character, I’d open up that same project, and start a new palette for the character that I am drawing up. Does this sound correct?

Yes, this seems to me to be the most water proof method.

But, I think that by simply creating a new colour palette for each character (which means not using the scene’s default palette and not reusing or duplicating another character’s palette) would do the thing.