Importing character rigs?

Hi There,
I was wondering if there is a way to import a character rig and symbols into another character’s time line? Or in order to have multiple characters in a time line do I have to build both of them there from the start?
Thank you!


Hmmm… I think the video below will explain what you need to do when working with rigs you already made in another project.

Ah, yes, thanks. This will help tremendously.

Is there a way to import a flash rig/puppet into toon boom animate pro?

Export the flash file to swf then you can import the swf file. You will have to rename layers and you will probably want to adjust the hierarchy of your puppet to make it work with our system, but at least you won’t have to redo the artwork.

Then you can import the swf file into your template library then drag and drop it into the scene.