Importing Bitmaps Different in v4.5 than v3.5

I’ve just upgraded from v3.5 to 4.5 and find that v4.5 does not import BMP files as line art from Photoshop the same as v3.5. In v3.5 the imported BMP files of line art were automatically Vectorized in the Drawing Element and I could work with that drawing the same as if I had drawn it directly in the ToonBoom. I’ve followed the Guide Book instructions on Vectorizing importing BMPs and it just doesn’t work. In fact, when I import line art with no filter, the art appears as a negative (white lines on black background). Has ToonBoom been reprogrammed so that only importing from a scanner through Twain is the only way to go? If so, that is a real pain as I prefer to draw my animation traditionally on paper and then scan into Photoshop so that I can adjust the Contrast and Brightness of the lines (darkening the line work).


Hi John,

Since version 4.0 it is now possible to import with our without textures. Therefore when you go to the Import and Vectorize you should now have the option to import as texture or black and white. The way it use to work was the Black and White option.

This being said I am not quite sure to understand how you are proceeding at the moment for you should not get a negative of your image upon import in any case. In theory to vectorize your drawing you should create yourself a drawing element, then in a cell of the exposure sheet right click to to and Import and Vectorize>From Files… and then select Black and White and you should get exactly the same result as what you had in 3.5.

Best regards,


Hi Ugo,

That is exactly the procedure I’ve been following. I have been using Toon Boom since Version 1, so I’ve produced a lot of animation with it. However, this is throwing me for a loop. Version 4.5 imports the BMP file into the Drawing Element the same as if it were importing into an Image Element (a line drawing on a piece of paper when choosing Texture, and as a negative White line on Black background image when choosing Black and White).

I am working on a Mac Pro (Dual-Core Untel Xeon Processor) using OS 10.5.5, so I know my computer is up to the task.

I had installed Version 4.5 as a downloaded upgrade, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it from the Disc I received from Toon Boom. Unfortunately, the result is the same.

This is a mystery to me.


Hi Again, Ugo.

I forgot to state that Version 4.5 does not work with animations created in version 3.5 — it opens the files but there is no artwork, sound, etc…only a series of red boxes on the field guide.

This is very frustrating and maddening.


Hi Again, Ugo.

After some experimentation, I find that version 4.5 will import and vectorize PICT files in the same manner that version 3.5 would import and vectorize Bitmap files. So, that problem’s been solved for the moment.

Also, I found that I have to open old files directly from version 4.5 (instead of double clicking on the old file icon).