Importing bitmaps as panning bgs

Hi everyone,

I have an animation set up with the camera size as 640 x 480.

I want to import a bitmap background that is 1280 x 480 so that it can be used in a pan that is twice as long as the screen.

However whenever I import the file, it gets squashed down to fit inside the 640 x 480 size, making a long skinny graphic that I have to try and scale up manually.

Is there a way to import the file so that it comes in at the size I made it at?

Thanks for any help,

I know what you mean–I’ve wanted to import bitmaps of pencil sketches so i can use them as tracing images, and TBS always decides how big they should be.

The good new is that TBS doesn’t change the quality of your image. When you put it to use in Camera view/scene mode, you can make changes to it as you need without loosing quality. That is, until you over-enlarge it, of course. The trick is to keep the vertical size right at your camera size.

Probably not much help, but that’s all I know.