importing bitmap images

When importing bitmap images (jpg, bmp…) I get a blacked form of the image in AnimatePro2, even when making a symbol out of it in the dialog box. What’s wrong ? Thanks for help.

Are you vectorizing it? If so, choose a different style of vectorization. Use the Color style or don’t vectorize it, then it will stay as a bitmap image.

You probably left it to the default Grey vectorization style.

The problem occurs when vectorizing whatever option is chosen. But when importing jpg or bmp files themselves exported from Illustrator CS I meet some strange result like a bulky blue silhouette of the item or some are imported in their original colour but with no transparency of the white outcut. I wonder whether the CMJN or RVB format in Illustrator might interfere with these variations. With psd files things seem to go fine except for vectorization where I get also the black silhouette.

You bitmap images should be in RGB format.

As for the black silouette I’d have to see your images. Can you make a screengrab and link it so I can see?

Well, thanks for the reply but how do I link a file here ? However another hint is that above the timeline next to the layers mode a note says “Empty cell”, when I have selected the layer where I imported the bitmap image that shows a dark purple/black contour without the inside colour of the image. (new tests made from Illustrator rgb to bmp).

You can screengrab and then put the file at free image hosting sites. I used Imageshack.

Then you can copy paste the direct link they give you and put it inbetween the url code given when you press the second button from the left (the globe) in the reply message interface.