importing animate pro file back to Harmony 7.8 build

Im having problems importing my scene back to Harmony. after importing it back via harmony control center. Some of the elements are missing meaning some parts are not showing up in the library and camera view. I tried to copy and paste my element folder from animate pro scene file folder to Harmony but still no luck. I noticed that the path to some elements are different from the harmony scene version. I haven’t experience any of this when I was working on the old harmony and exporting/importing to toonboom Solo or viseversa. Is there a setting I should look into?

Did you by any chance rename any of the elements when you were in Animate Pro? What version of Animate Pro are you using? It should look something like 7.8.x.xxxx, available through Help > About. Also what exact version of Harmony are you working with? Once again, should be 7.8.x.xxxx

I did not rename any reads, all drawing were already done in Harmony before i exported the scenes…I just added a cycle to the network, but that should not mess up anything right cos it was from our library. Im using the latest ver of animate pro.

Could you please give me the exact build number of the version you’re working with. You can access it by going Help > About and it should be in the format 7.8.x.xxxx

If you continue experiencing problems with missing drawings, it might be best to email and they can set up an ftp where you can upload your project so that we can take a look at it.

Toon Boom Support

sorry for the late reply the harmony build we’re using is ver7.8.0(5282)(2009-09-19 00:00:12).
is there a setting we should know about when exporting/importing scenes from harmony to animate pro or vice versa via control panel?

The only critical thing to do when exporting to Animate Pro is to check “Export to Offline” and make sure that you export all the relevant checkboxes.

For further assistance with this issue please email directly.

Toon Boom Support

that’s how I exported my scene and I do this via control center/admin, I noticed that when I add something to animate pro network lets say another char rig, then import back to Harmony messes up the pathway of that rig, all the pegs and drawing shows up in the network, but if I click on the drawings in the timeline , nothing shows up in the library window.

Please send an email to for Harmony support. Thank you for your patience.

Toon Boom Support

I’m pretty sure that the control center for that version of Harmony has issues importing offline scenes (digital Pro/animate pro scenes) back into the Harmony database. You’ll need a newer build from support. I had that same problem.