Importing and Vectorizing Bitmap Images

I tried to import a photoshop file with different layers.
I imported it with the flag “colour as texture” so I can have the layer with a vctor shape around and make a quick mask of some parts of the bitmap. I have also tested that vectorized layers of a bitmap works better with the deformers
The mistake is that the bounding box is bigger than the layer size so I’ve more problems animating them; insteasd importing them as bitmap the bounding box match the layer’s size

bitmap import.png

Do you have a question or are you just pointing out how things are different between vector and bitmap?

Between the two, one is only the head while the other is the whole body. The width of the box may depend on the original Photoshop file. There should be a logical explanation for it and a way to prevent it from occurring. Off the top of my head, the software is reading the background as well as the character information in one while it is only focused on the character in the other.

It’s a question.
Why when i import the file with the option vectorize the bounding box doesn’t match the layer size ?
With the bitmap option checked it’s work fine, but I need to have vectorized layer so I can make quick mask of the bitmap that is inside the path.
Any suggestion?
best regards

Any suggestions?

Try contacting support. This might have something to do with the way they coded the software.