Importing an image without resizing it?

The images I’m importing as backgrounds always show up bigger than they should, whether I vectorize them or not (eg., a 1920x1080 image always goes well beyond the boundaries of a 1920x1080 project)…

The backgrounds I have are intentionally bigger than the project’s resolution (in order to being able to slightly move the camera in any direction from its initial position), which means that I also need to avoid any options that make them automatically fit within the project’s resolution.

Is there a way to import an image as-is, without it being automatically resized? I feel like I missing something very obvious here…

In the “Import Images” panel check:
Keep as “Original Bitmap”.
under Rules: choose “Project Resolution”.

This should import your image “as-is” in it’s original size…

Well, there’s no such thing as “Original Bitmap” in my “Import images” panel… =\

Running version 10.5.1, if it can help tracking the problem.

When you do not have the Vectorize option checked there are options for Alignment.* This is where you determine how the image will size within the project. The options in this version are Fit, Pan or Project Resolution. The above mentioned “Keep As Original Bitmap” is an option in Harmony 11 and 12.

See Alignment:

I only have Animate Pro 3, Harmony 12 Premium and the online documentation for Harmony 10 to go by. Each is displayed a little different however Alignment is the key. Unfortunately, there isn’t a picture included on the Harmony 10 documentation showing how this appears in Harmony 10. It is not an option and is not visible in any version when you have vectorize the file checked.

“Project resolution” is the option that gives me the results I’m talking about, and “Pan” does the same thing with the images’ size (with a different alignment, but size is the problem here).

Tried with more 1280x720 images and they keep importing as if they’re 25% bigger than the project’s resolution.

Found the solution.

Turns out that the project had been created as “HDTV”. which set the Field of View to “Horizontal Fit” and for some reason also does this thing with the sizes.

I’ve changed it to “HDTV_Vertical” and now the images import with the correct size… even though everything else has been shrunk now. Oh well.

If everything else is vector it is possible to enlarge them to match a desired scale using the Coordinate and Control Points editor and the lines will respond appropriately.

Do you mean, if I already had a couple of characters made, I can rescale them so that they show up at the same relative size to the screen as they were before, when entering Drawing mode?

Yes, that is what I mean.