Importing Adobe Photoshop images (for backgrounds)


What I was thinking is I have some sketches of backgrounds which I would like to scan into Adobe Photoshop (touch them up) and possibly import those backgrounds into Toon Boom Studio 2.0? Is that possible (more complicated than it sounds?), would I be able to make those backgrounds move?


hy !

don’t know about V2.0

But in v3.0 in theory you can import PSD, JPG, PNG … as a background ! In my personal case when i try to do this with the demo version , TBS always Crash !

For animating your background i assume you can easily do this using a PEG ! But never try it !

As Sebastian said, yes, you can import it but not as a layered .psd. Its very simple to do and works in version 2.0 as well.


So, I can scan my drawings (backgrounds) into Adobe Photoshop, then I CAN import them into Toon Boom Studio 2.0? But, I can’t animate those backgrounds (they would just serve as just being backgrounds)? I can add layers (character drawings) ontop of those backgrounds, right?

Is it quite simple to do what I am asking or is it quite complicated?

Yes you can import the scanned backgrounds (but not as layered images)

You can animate their movement from side to side, up and down, forward backwards, but thats it.

Its very easy to do, literally 4 clicks (to import the image, not to animate movement, thats a bit harder but still pretty easy and if you get stuck you can always ask here)

Hope this helps!


If the drawn backgrounds could easily be converted into line drawings, they could be animated using the import and vectorise option. There is an excellent tutorial on “import and vectorise” at Steve Ryan’s site ( but for some reason pages other than the home page don’t seem to be working on his site at the moment.

PS: before anyone comments, “vectorise” is the correct spelling where I live!