Importing Adobe Photoshop backgrounds


What I was thinking is I have some sketches of backgrounds which I would like to scan into Adobe Photoshop (touch them up) and possibly import those backgrounds into Toon Boom Studio 2.0? Is that possible (more complicated than it sounds?), would I be able to make those backgrounds move?


I’ve also been trying to use images and backgrounds created or touched up in photoshop in TBS. I found the best way to import your images is to just save them as a jpeg/bmp/tiff/gif etc… depending on the quality or transparency settings you need. You can then simply import them into TBS by creating a new ‘image’ element and importing the desired file. Apparantly you can ‘import and vectorise’ your images, but the quality and detail will be much less, plus it never seems to work with me.

As it’s an image element you can’t edit the image with the drawing tools but you can transform it and position it anyway you like in the scene like any other element.

Also if you are intending to make your image move or have the camera moving over it, it may look like it has a horrible jerky movement when you preview the movie. Don’t worry tho’ because this disappears once you’ve rendered it and exported it.

Hope this helps :smiley: