importing actionscript

I am bringing in a swf file into tbs, this is my dilema:
I have 3 scenes: opening, intro, end.
opening doesn’t bring in anything but last frame, everything else gone.
intro, has same problem as opening but I am also having an actionscript having it rain thru entire scene, that does not show up.
end has same problem as opening.
I do get random images that appear, but otherwise all white.
What’s going on?

Hi Saarus,

What version of Flash were you using? One thing for sure the scripting part will not be imported since we do not have any scripting module and when you import a swf it is converted into a sequence of image.

Although, the lost image should not happen unless you have used some special effects inside Flash. By the way would it be possible to provide us that file so we can do the same test in here. You can send it at

Best regards,