importing a wmv file

i need to know how to import a video file (.wmv) so that i can edit it and use it in my creation.
please use lots of detail as i am a noob(says so under my name :slight_smile:
thank you

is that possible?
and btw noob and newbi mean different things.
Noob means u are a stupid moron that is doing something totally unrelated to his or her life, experience and brain capacity
and a newbie is a person who is up to the challenge but still needs to learn a few things.

the only import possibilities are either flash .swf film or image sequence (qtpro can export such sequence, but it’s not free, see the apple web page for the current price:, ca $30 for u.s. customers, mac or win).
1. when you go for qtpro, try to convert the movie into avi or mpeg, or even mov, if possible. then qtpro will do it for you. afaik qtpro can’t handle .wmv format. it’s windows, you know :wink:
2. or you convert it to a flash file. then you can import directly.