Importing a video

I imported a video into ToonBoom for rotoscoping, but everytime I import the video, the sound goes off sync, the sound moves faster than the images of the video and ends earlier also.
I exported it to see if that would change but it didn’t.I tried importing the sound by itself again but it became even shorter.
I tested the video clip to see if it was the one with the problem, but the sound was in sync till I imported into Toon Boom animate

I need help with this please, because I’ve just rotoscoped an animation for the Cartoonsmart competition which took me about 1/2 months, and this is the only thing preventing the completion of my animation.

thanks much!

What FPS is the movie? And what FPS is your scene? It’s possible that the FPS of your scene is different from that of the movie. What happens is when you import your movie it will automatically adjust the video to the new FPS, but it will keep the audio the same.

To illustrate this, let’s say that I have a video that is at 24 frames per second. You can just create a quick test scene in Animate with some audio, and make sure that you have a drawing layer that lasts just as long as the audio. Now export this.

Now, if we create a new scene at 12 FPS, when we import this movie file we will notice that the audio and the video no longer sync up. That is because we imported a certain number of frames into a scene that is moving more slowly. But the audio cannot be adjusted or the audio itself will change. So what happens is you now has animation that lasts twice as long as the audio.

What might have happened here is you might have a scene that’s at 24 fps, and you might have a video that’s at 25 fps or 30 fps, and so the audio won’t match up exactly.

All you need to do is make sure that the FPS of your scene matches the FPS of your video.

Toon Boom Support

Ahh thanks a lot Lilly, makes a lot of sense and I’m sure that this has to be the problem.