Importing a toomboom animation into another toonboom project from another animator?

I need to import an animation toonboom file into a toonboom project from another animator.
Can this be done or do i have to open their toonboom project and start exactly where he/she left off?
I wanted to get a headstart and have the animation im working on ready when the other animator sends me their toonboom project file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi KennyR_87285

2 options as i see it. Option 1 is to open their project and save their layers to the Library, close that file then open up your work in progress file and you can then drag them out of the library into your document. Option 2 is to open both and copy and paste from one document to the other ( i know you can do this on the mac, not sure about PC).

Harmony and Storyboard Pro User

Thanks for your input, I will see how that works.