Importing a frame-by-frame animation from PSD (not displaying images)

Hello! I just very recently started using toon boom, still been checking tutorials for the most part. My first animations have all been made in photoshop, frame-by-frame. for example.

For checking out TB i’m trying to import an in-progress animation I had in PS, close to 34 layers. I checked on tutorials and for a proper export I had to group all these (a pain) the result image is an abomination
I manage to successfully import it, and it displays all layers, but none of them show an image.

Could someone please tell me what’s up with this?

Without a better explanation of what you did it’s difficult to say. For the best results save a flattened copy of your image sequence and import that instead to avoid the multi-layer confusion. Remember that all your drawings of the animated sequence must be successive frames of one image element.

Hi silvermender, first off - great little animation sample!

Not sure what tutorial you followed, but this works for my workflow:

.1. In photoshop create a single group, place all layers into the group
.2. In ToonBoom when you choose options to import layered file, choose create layer-s, select the single layer named: (give it a name). .3. Choose the vectorize option if they are really clean lines( i tend not to vectorise them as it goes jagged as photoshop layers are bitmapped) In which case un-tick vector and select rule: Pan.
.4. Select black and white if using vector option( if they are just lines )
.5. Images to load as: All Layers
.6. Recommend Transparency/Alpha: Straight

This should create a single layer with each drawing layer from photoshop as a single frame in one single line within toonboom, hit play - sorted.

I wish to add that importing non vector method; the imported layer will not show in the ‘drawing view’ unless ‘light table’ is enabled as they are not a vector image therefore un-editable.

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i like to add a follow up to this, because i just stumled into this issue myself. it seems that TB starts to choke on too many layers in a group within a PSD? this really had me running in circles yesterday for about an hour because i was trying to import a PSD that contained around 25 separate elements contained within a few groups. it would only see a handful of those elements. i finally nailed it down to the layer names in the PSD. the designer gave them all the same name (“leaf”), so i just gave them a number (“leaf01”, “leaf02”’ etc), and the import worked as it should.

of course it also created a folder structure that was almost 1GB…