Importing a drawing to draw over

There is probably a very simple answer to this question, but in Toon Boom, can I import a drawing and then see that drawing with the “Onion Skin” feature and trace my drawing? When I try to draw over my drawing, I don’t have that option…

I am using the trial version…could that be the reason?


hi and welcome,
you must import your drawing into an another drawing element (or into an image element, if it’s a bitmap) and then switch the light bulb on (the ‘L’ key or the main menu item) and return to your drawing element you work on.
then you’d have the rotoscoping feature.

i’ve heard the mac-gui has some different settings for the light bulb and some other windows. are you on a pc or on a mac?


Thank you so much…that worked.

I am completely new to TB, but I’ve seen it in action so I’m excited to use it.

Thanks again,