Importing 3D image into Harmony Advanced

Hello guys, I’m new to this. So I recently purchased a license for Harmony advanced because I thought it has more control over the deformations as compared to the Essentials version.

My question is: Can I import a 3D image designed in Maya say and have my character move in between the different layers of the 3D image?

Thanks in advance!

Advanced doesn’t have the 3D graph which would make it easier.
If you need to manipulate the 3D objects separately, import them
as separate objects in Advanced to have more control.

The comparison chart on Toon Boom’s site ( says there’s “limited” 3D integration on Advanced, but I don’t see the options you have in Premium (you can import via File > Import > 3D Models or through the Library). I don’t know what “limited” 3D integration might mean.

Harmony 16 will be released this week, I’m not sure something will change in terms of what you can do in Advanced.