Importin image, colour problem

Hi, new day new problem :smiley:
I want to import some image to TB,and when i m doing this, Toon boom is changing its colour from red to blue. I marked that i want it in colour, but it doesnt matter. even if i checked gray or black and white it s still blue :smiley:

I dont know a thing about colour in graphic programs, how should i change it to work correctly?

Hi Dominik

A new day a new problem, gonna miss it if you have to stay away from it.

When it comes to your blue image; When a layer is selected by an animation tool in the camera-view it, it will get a bluish to violet tone.
Try to press the render view button. It’s the third button in the bottom left corner of the cameraview window.

If it is still bluish You will have to wait for a better answer.

Merry christmas to you.



Merry christmass to u 2. Of course icheck it in render mode also. Same thing. Someone else any idea?

pls help me out i want to destroy my computer. Now it s black and white all the time. Oh wait, now again blue, after restore defaults. Fantastic defaults btw…

Few more observation: After manual color changing,software start to work really bizzare. When i want to paint some space with the same colour as surrounded it looks different.

TB claims that this is the same colour… Dont know what more can i say…

Hi Dominik

It doesn’t look like you get an answer to your problem.

Please tell me what image format you are importing and which alternatives you cheque of in the import image dialogue box.
Then I will try to to see if I can help.
For me colors that needs color recovery after import with vectorization shows red not blu, so I think your problem have to be a different one.

Best regards

hi i had the same problem , it was because the image i was importing was in CMYK but after i changed it RGB colour in photoshop … no problem ;D

Dominik, did the CMYK to RGB help to solve your issue? If not, please email and attach the problem image so they can help you out.