Importer for Flash doesn't work

I tried TB-3 and installed the Flash-Importer PlugIn but it doesn’t work in Flash MX 2004-PRO. Of course in the Import Dialog it shows TB Extension but when i tried to import it - nothing happens. >:(

The Toon Boom Studio Importer V3 will be available by next week.

The TBSi V3 will support Flash MX/MX2004 stand & Pro and probably Flash 8.


Will that cover Windows and Mac OSX?

Hope it will come this week!
Cause week is almost over … :stuck_out_tongue:


I figured since this post is discussing Flash, I’d let you know about a wonderful Flash (among other programs) site I’ve found very helpful and informative called Flash Filmmakers:


Hi guys,

Looks like it will wait until next week for the TBSi. We are working to fix the last bugs.

The good news is that it will be compatible with Flash 8.


Will that include a version for Mac OSX? or will that be a later release.

@mathieu: Good News that it will work with Flash 8 (Professional!). So I can wait one more days … cause Flash 8 will come out end of september (here in Austria) … Does the Importer has new features or improvements?
By the way what’s the difference between Harmony and Symphony???

Hi ErnyES,

The importer has some new features yes. It was adapted to support the latest TBS V3 tools & features (e.g. Text).

It’s coming very soon guys, thank you for your patience. We are currently fixing the last bugs and we will release ASAP.

I’ll post a message here when it’s available online.

ErnyES, Symphony was Harmony, only the name has changed.


It works now :slight_smile:

See annoncement on forum or visit: