Imported Video is Black

Hi I am a new user to Toon Boom however very experienced with After Effects and Adobe stuff. Whenever I import a video clip the whole clip appears as solid black. I cant there fore see anything. If i click on the draw layer, the black video disapears. I dont understand how to trace .
Ive tried switching to open gl to the other one and back, and experiementhing with different settings. I have a top range Amd powered laptop with 4 gig ram and dual core 2.8 Mhz processors. windows 7.
Works perfect with more powerful software such as Traktor scratch/ serato.
Ive also tried importing as a image sequence, but it puts every single frame on a different layer which doesnt help. And when i click on the drawing layer i cant see the imported images.
So far, unuseable.

Hmm… looks like a graphic-card issue…?
Some laptops switching to the integrated graphic card when on battery power…
Toon Boom doesn’t work very well with those integrated graphic cards…

What format / codecs are your movie-files…?
Did you apply any alpha channels, e.g. Animation / PNG etc. with Millions of Colours +…?

Importing an Image-Sequence into one Image Layer:
In the Timeline create an Image Layer…
Right click the first cell… Import Images…
Select all the images and import…


Hi there,

The information provided by Nolan is quite accurate, and importing an image sequence following his instructions should give you the result you’re looking for (thank you Nolan)

As far as the problems importing a movie, contact for further instructions on how to resolve this issue.

I hope this helps,