Imported Vectorized Animation

Hi all,
I’m working on a traditionally drawn animation and I imported it into toonboom animate (in the hand drawn layout) and I notice I can only paint ONE frame at a time with the imported items. but if I digitally draw ANYTHING I can paint all the frames the same color. Is there any way I can ‘paint all’ with imported animations that have been vectorized…?

The animations are done on traditional animation paper with a pegbar and have been scanned using a flatbed scanner.


I also notice if I import an animated video clip to black and white, I am able to color all the frames but if I select all the frames individually (in jpeg format) and vectorize them, I can’t. Is there any way to just bring the single frames, vectorize them and color them all?

The problem is that your imported images reside in their own separate symbols instead of being vector images in the same “element”. Unfortunately there is no easy way to repatriate all the drawings into the same layer without being in a symbol. You could take every symbol that were create and Expand Symbol. This will create a copy of the content of the symbol as a new layer. You then would have to copy paste all these images into a new layer. So as I said no easy way.