Imported SWF mixing up layers

I’m using the second import process from this tutorial, and am running into a problem that TB is mixing up the drawings between the layers.

Example: I have three layers in my Flash (CS3) project file. ‘Stem’ - static drawing, ‘Leaf’ - 6 frames of a growing leaf, and ‘Flower’ - 12 frames of a blooming flower. The ‘stem’ runs the entire length of the project, the first frame of the flower is Frame 10 (running to frame 23), and the first frame of the ‘leaf’ starts at Frame 12 (running to frame 19). After the animation runs for the leaf and the flower, a hold frame pads the end for another 20 frames.

When I import the swf into TB Studio (4.5), the first few ‘leaf’ frames are mixed into the ‘flower’ layer - in the correct position and timing. Once the ‘flower’ animation is complete, the static frame for the ‘leaf’ is on a separate later. So the number of layers remains the same, but the drawings are mixed up in the layers.

Any idea on how to fix this? I can provide more information and screen grabs if this isn’t clear.

And I’m still having the ‘peg’ issue, posted back in March.

Man, I hope Animate doesn’t have all these problems. I have to finish this project in Studio - I’m too far along to switch programs midstream. I was thinking about upgrading to Studio 6, but again, I don’t want to do anything that major 3/4 of the way through this project. Any advice on that?

Thanks for all the help!