Imported sound not working

Hi there.
I’m using the Toon Boom Harmony Premium 14 trial at the moment, and I cannot for the life of me get the sound working.
I had it working one time, with Toon Boom Harmony Essentials, but only one time. Since then i have not been able to get imported sound to work in essentials OR premium. Which is unfortunate, because if I have to look online for 4+ hours to fix my audio every time i want to animate something new, then i’m not sure if i want to pay for it, it’s very frustrating.
I’ve been on many threads and no suggestions have worked for me.
Does anyone know how to fix the audio?
The audio i’m trying to import does play in QuickTime, i just tested it. I’ve tried importing it as .mp3 and .wav, and .aiff but none of them will play. I do get waveforms in the timeline, however. And the audio plays in the column editor. I dont know if this affects anything but i’m in Hand-Drawn mode? (also; no the audio is not muted in the timeline.)

I don’t know if it has anything to do with my audio file either, like… does the bitrate (bit revolution for .wav), etc, have anything to do with whether or not it will play?

If anyone could help I would very much appreciate it. Toon Boom so far has been wonderful to animate in, aside from not being able to play audio, and I really would like to get it working properly. I haven’t messed with any default preferences that I know of, other than moving the workspace around to my liking.

If you’d like the audio file I’m using to see if its the file or my program, I guess I can give it to you? But i dont know if you’d need/want that.

Hey Booya,

I think your issue might be that you need to click the S ‘scrubbing’ button. It’s next to the play, pause and loop button, having that will allow you to hear the audio when scrubbing through and playing it without it being rendered.

If this is what you mean by it’s not muted in the timeline then I’m not sure what it could be as ToonBoom is obviously reading and playing it in different menus.

Yes! This is exactly what was missing! Thank you so much, its very appreciated. You’ve made my day for sure, I completely missed the fact that that was even there, what a silly mistake for me to make. Now it’s playing properly, thanks again!