Imported sound files not working

I’ve been having an issue getting sound files to import in Harmony Premium 14.0 - every file that I have tried just shows up as a flatline. Show Sound Waveforms, Sound, and Scrubbing are all enabled, and I have tried importing various different file formats that were exported from Audacity, Premeire, AfterEffects, etc and made sure there were no special characters in the file name and nothing has worked. I have tried to look up fixes for it, and all I have found were posts that are 3+ years old and all of the ones that I have tried have not worked (I wanted to try the ffmpeg.exe thing, but not even sure where to get it). I have also tried sending a message to Toon Boom’s support but it’s been a week and so far no response. If anyone has any suggestions / solutions on fixing this incredibly frustrating problem’ I’d very much appreciate the help.

Do you have quicktime installed? TB uses it for all sound related, if you don’t have the standalone installed no sound or export movie will work.

I do not have it installed, but I remember installing it with Harmony Premium 12.0 awhile ago for pretty much the same problem and it still didn’t work. I recall one of my instructors also saying that the newer versions of Harmony no longer required quicktime (maybe because of Apple no longer supporting it or something), but who knows, he could be wrong. I can give it a try and see if it works.

Edit- Welp, it worked. So I guess he was wrong lol. Thanks much!

Haha glad that’s all it was. I had a similar thing when I installed 14 and the sound breaking, but reinstalling QT fixed it.