imported pictures

Is there any way to steal colors with the dropper or draw right onto imported pictures? Whenever I click onto the layer the picture is in all the drawing tools deactivate. ???

Import your image / choose Drawing or Camera View /
Create a new colour palette / click the “+” icon and create as many swatches as you like /
Select any colour swatch / click the “colour window” icon /
In the select colour window click that little magnifying glass (e.g. Mac colour-picker)
and pick your colour from your imported image in the viewport…

If one likes to draw directly in the image layer, one has to Import and Vectorize…


Thanks! Helped out alot. But I am not sure exactly…How do you import and vectorize? Is that only with a scanner? I was trying to search for the option and couldnt find it.

Select the first drawing-cell in the Timeline / Right-click that drawing-cell /
From the contextual menu choose Import and Vectorize / from File or else…