Imported Photoshop layers have full-screen bounding area. Want to crop to the size of the artwork, but how?

I’ve imported several layers from a Photoshop file into Harmony, but each layer has a full-screen bounding area, which makes it really difficult to control.
For instance, a small pair of earrings on the characters head has a bounding box, or control area that is the size of my entire canvas instead of just around the size of the artwork.
How do I get around this?
I can move the pivot point, no problem, but when I want to scale or rotate the object, I have to zoom out and grab the huge controls from the edge of my canvas which really isn’t efficient and doesn’t work as precisely either.

I am having the exact same trouble. Didn’t anyone respond to your question? Did you find a solution? I’ve been looking everywhere and cannot find an answer.

There was some info from a decade ago about a photoshop alpha channel being imported but the solutions they recommended did not work for me.