Imported movie is black or white/ni colors!

I got it, problem solved!

Hi, I’m having a problem importing png coloured images into a trial version of the new Harmony Premium software. I have followed the tutorial, when I try to vectorize the image and import it, it imports in blacked out almost completely. I’ve tried everything to rectify the problem but can’t find a solution. Could it be that it won’t allow me because it is a trial version, if so, that totally sucks !! Why would I buy it then if I can’t try it out properly??
One other issue that’s bothering me, what’s the story with the pencil/ brush settings? Is it not possible to have the settings as in Photoshop, ie. to be able to build up a pencil/ brush stroke instead of nailing it first time? I come from a traditional animation background and want to do Key-Assistant Clean-Up freelance work. The traditional way of cleaning up drawings can only be done by building up your pencil line to give dimension and quality to your drawings. I know they have all the fancy features to manipulate the line digitally but that’s not the way I like to do it.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love the Photoshop options with opacity and pressure settings, can this be replicated in Toon Boom? Thanks for any guidance, Damien G.

I responded to your other post.