imported .mov audio sync

I have been having a small issue which may be a bug. When I render out a reference movie from Premiere and import it into my animate pro project and the software separates the picture and audio, I often find that the audio falls out of sync with the picture. The movie and projects all have the same frame rates. One thing that is extra odd is the audio that is extracted doesn’t sound the same as the original timing-wise, like someone went into Premiere and nudged all my audio around. Perhaps there is some meta-data in the QT that is being misread? Anyhow, my workaround has been to export a separate .wav file, and it’s all fine and dandy.
The quicktimes I had been using are .mov’s with h264 compression and aac audio encoding.

Unfortunately, a scene file with an imported movie tends to be much too large for email, and it needs to be rather long for the audio sync drop to become apparent. Perhaps I could email one of my quicktimes that you can try importing on your end? I am working with one now that is giving me the sync issue.

This would be handy for you to send a scene file to for testing.


Support can always set up an FTP for you to drop the file