Imported Jpeg image wont render

I’m trying to animate rain, so I made the rain in photoshop then imported it into Harmony 14 as a Jpeg image and I put it in a cutter and flipped it around on a 4 frame cycle with the transform tool. It shows up exactly how I want it in the Open GL View, but when I render or export the file, the image doesn’t show up at all. I have included 2 pictures for reference, one of the scene with rain in Open Gl View, and the exact same frame rendered. (The rain is the little streaks of white under the cloud). If anyone knows how to make the Jpeg image show in rendered view, please help me out.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


I could not duplicate your problem. I was able to render a jpeg without a glitch.

What are your settings in the Write Node?

Is it possible for you to upload the jpeg and even the Harmony project file where we could access it?

May be useful if you have not seen these: