Imported images

I’m trying a cutout animation using scanned images, analyzing if Toon Boom is better for this technique than After Effects. So far, no problem. But when using AE, there is an option to refresh the imported image in case I edited in another software. I miss it when using Toon Boom, is there a way to refresh the image? Or I have to import it and resize again?

A good thing that I realized is that I changed one of the images’ location (while animating), and Toon Boom didn’t miss it when I restarted it. Why? Does it track the imported files?

I just realized that one possible option is to import the edited image and add to the existing layer. I didn’t need to resize it. But it only seems to solve the problem if it’s a static image, since it only replaces one frame. And if the image is animated?

Toon Boom hasn’t implemented an image “refresh” button yet…

It creates its own image-folder in the elements-folder of your project-folder
for all imported images (it does not track the imported files).

Either open that image from that folder in your image editor (Photoshop),
Or replace that image keeping the same name…
In both instances, one has to reopen the project for the change to take effect.


You can “force” a refresh of the changed bitmap drawing by selecting it and then from the Camera window’s menu-View-Bitmap Image Quality (or Ctrl+Q). Nudge the slider a little and it forces a refresh of the changed drawing.