imported images WON'T layer OVER other layers!

I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but every time I import an image that I want to appear OVER other layers that I drew in my timeline, It will NOT no matter how far I arrange that image forward in the top view, or arrange the layer in the timeline view…the other existing vector layers I drew beforehand are dominating on top of that imported layer and it’s driving me mad because I am wasting a lot of valuable time.


Have you checked where the image is in 3Dspace?

/ Mattias

Is 3D space the same as clicking on the “perspective” tab view, versus the camera view? If so, I did notice that the layer did show correctly in front in the perspective view, but not the camera view…

By the way, why is it that in the timeline view, some layers they let you drag over other layers and others they do not? It seems like anything imported it will not let you layer above drawn layers. It doesn’t make sense that it won’t let you control something so simple.

I don’t have Harmony 12 but this is how it works in Animate Pro at least and they should still behave identically in this regard unless this detail of the software has been changed in Harmony 12.

  1. Open a window for Top View but also have the Camera View open.
  2. Select the image layer in Timeline.
  3. Right-Click and choose Layer Properties
  4. Under Transformation you ought to be able to adjust the Z axis to “5” and see the image as a pink line (plane) in the Top View window.
  5. You can freely move it with the mouse cursor in front of other objects and it will block them when it is placed between the camera and their planes.

I can also freely move this imported image layer anywhere in the Timeline hierarchy when I only have vector and bitmap layers.

Colour Card, Sound and Movie layers have restrictions because there is no function that requires these being moved between other layers.

Thank you for your input, but I’ve tried moving the layer in the Top view module already, and it has no affect. I’ve tried moving the pink line WAY out in front, so beyond the other layers and it STILL appears to be behind other layers in the camera view. So unreal…

Can you write the steps you take out in a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. numbered manner?

Can you open a Perspective window and show an angle that displays the space between the camera, objects and image after you change the Z axis in the image layer’s properties layer window and post it?

If you have any of the perspective view visible, if foten use the side view. On the top you see the images in the timeline and in which order they have.
By clicking on an image and press the arrows right/ left you can move the image towards the top or the bottom.

Could this be of hel?

/ Mattias