Imported images show as solid black in Drawing View Screen

I’m running Windows 10 on a Surface Book.
I have Quicktime installed.
Each time I import an image (ANY format) it appears in the Layer, the Timeline and the Thumbnail perfectly.
However in the Drawing Screen, which is where I NEED it, there is only a solid black image.
I have reinstalled an older version of Quicktime, same thing.
Surely Storyboard Pro can’t just rely on outdated Apple software to display images?
What am I missing here? Pulling my hair out over this.
Please help!


The ‘Solid Black Images’ that you’re reporting are not related to QuickTime, since QuickTime is used to display the rendering and read the codec used.

It’s very possible that your OS forced the use of your integrated Graphics Card that can’t handle OpenGL.

I will share with you a video on how to create a profile, you can use those steps to any of our software.


Also update your Graphics Card drivers, using the search mechanism of Win type DXDIAG and go to the second tab, confirm the date of the drivers. You can get new drivers at

I will be keeping your case open and looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation


You’re a life saver. Totally fixed. I’m buying you a beer in spirit!


PS/ Why the hell isn’t that a standard, automatic preference for all graphics heavy programs?!

I was having so much trouble with this and couldn’t figure out what was wrong for the life of me. Then I found this post and it helped! I’m so happy right now! Thank you Edgar!

Very glad I could phrase that issue well enough and get such a quick and effective response from our hero, Edgar.
Also happy it could help someone else out of the same quagmire!