Imported Images Reversed

I use a Mac 10.6.8. I installed a trial version of TB 7, and had no trouble importing .jpg files. I just purchased a license, downloaded and installed 7.1. Now imported .jpg’s are upside-down and backwards in TB, but are as they should be when I export. When I click Elements>Transform>Flip Vertical, the image displays correctly in TB, but is once again upside-down and backwards when I export. What am I missing?

UPDATE 9/1: I uninstalled all TB-related files, downloaded the .dmg from my account, authorized the software – same issue. I’ve also tried dragging directly into the Timllne, and Exposure Sheet. When I Vectorize an import, it appears correctly in Preview, but has the same issue in the main window.

I’d like to note that, each time I installed and initially launched TB, I the Activation Wizard did not appear; I accessed it via the Tools folder.

UPDATE: I completely uninstalled TB 7.1, and reinstalled TB 7. Now images load fine. When I check for updates, no updates are available. Seems to me like an oversight on Toon Boom’s part.

Yes you are correct, the automatic update tool for TBS 7 is not currently working.
We are looking to find a solution for this for a future release.

Thanks for your reply, but you didn’t address the primary issue of TB 7.1 incorrectly rendering imported images.

It looked as though in your last update the issue was resolved so I did not address it previously.

If you are saying that the image is still reversed, please provide more details…

Does the image appear in its correct orientation in the Camera View?

If you open the original Jpeg image in Photoshop or another image editing program is it reversed or correct?

If you select the impoerted image in TBS and look at the “Properties” window, is there a minus sign under the scale values? What about the image’s peg (if there is a peg attached to the element)?

I clearly and chronologically outlined the issue in my original post: I upgraded from 7 to 7.1, experienced issues, completely uninstalled 7.1, then reinstalled 7 (which “resolved” my issue). Now I’m hesitant to install any updates.

Well, you must have invoked the image flipping option to flip the image vertically, so the image displays in the reversed mode.