Imported images keep disappearing from my project.

I have imported some scanned drawings and after saving my work, all of my images disappear from my project. All of the key frames appear in the timeline, but the cells have all gone blank. I am a new user, so I’m sure I’m over-looking something simple. Please help. (And yes, the layer is turned on, so that’s not the problem.)

There may be several circumstances that could fit your description.

The one that comes to mind is switching from Camera to Drawing view. In Drawing view a bitmapped image may not show up depending on the way you imported it. However switching to Camera view exposes the image. Can you see the bitmapped images in the Camera view?

When I create a drawing layer and import a bitmapped image, the way to get it to show up in the Drawing view is to select Vectorize Imported Items and then select “Colour” under Vectorization. I do not know why this works and other selections do not.

Well, I do know that selecting the other two options under Vectorization produces a layer showing only linework in a drawing making the background transparent. I can see how that would be useful. All of the different results tie in with the way you plan to use the bitmapped image.

The images have vanished from both camera and drawing view. Can there be some problem with the file naming conventions? I’ve imported the images again, saved the file and as soon as I reopen it they are gone again. All of the .jpeg files have been imported as vectorized images in black and white in a single layer. I’ve used this technique several other times with success. We’ve been getting weird errors like, “Invalid layer name 40”, and an error message that posts why every jpeg was rejected when the file was re-opened…

Maybe experiment with PNG, JPG, PSD, etc.?

I have a whole lab of students working in the same process. 95% of them are using JPEGs just fine. But twice now I’ve had kids with problems opening up previously saved projects. They work all period on something and when they come back the next day all of their progress is gone. I’ve checked HOW they are saving and they are doing everything right. I’ve saved for them and still had images disappear. It’s a real mystery. Today we used 'Save as New Version" and it seemed to work.

I have a similar problem. I use the sample of the KarateRabbit from the website to practice cut-out animation. I create my scene, import the rabbit from the library, animate some key frame, save my project and shut down my computer. When i re-open the scene the day after, the head had disappeared. All the other facial elements were there. The layer was there and turn on, the keyframes on the peg were there too but the frames of the drawing layer are empty. Camera view or drawing view, colour and underlay art empty. So i start a new scene all over again and the same thing happen but this time it was a foot that disappear. I check from top view, behind the camera. Nothing.

Sorry for the bad engllish, but i’m trying hard :S

Find my problem. In the folder ‘‘elements’’ of my project the foot folder’s name was changed. Dont know how but i corrected it and the foot have reappeared.