Imported images are white?

Hi … ! I’m recently having issues with my imported images I use for backgrounds… whenever I open up an existing project the background images are blank white & even if I try to re-import the image it’s white. I recently updated my windows 8 to windows 8.1 … and I think I started having this issue after that, not that I know if it has anything to do with it… but yeah, would anyone know what to do to get my images to show properly?? Thanks for reading!

Please update the latest version of the graphic card driver!

:frowning: Haha sorry, I didn’t know what other info to give. Thanks though, I’ll do that~

There is not enough info to go on.

I recommend you contact support to have a look.

Hi! Yes, I believe Quicktime is installed… and when I go to the elements folder there are the .tvg files of the images. (I’m not sure what type of file should be there?) I assume the image is somewhat there because when I export a video file the background shows up, haha.

Is Quicktime installed? What about when you navigate to the elements folder of the project that the image has been imported into - are you able to view the image from there?

I’m having this same issue in Harmony and can’t find a fix.

When I import an image it’s just a blank white silhouette in camera view.

The art shows up in library thumbnails.

Just checking a basic thing here.
Are only the imported images white or everything else?
Just in case you are send in Matte Render mode in the Camera view instead of OpenGL or Render mode.

Probably not, but just checking :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

Think I just figured it out…

It was actually Quicktime! I had uninstalled it. I reinstalled Quicktime and images are showing up again.