imported images are always too big, why?

No matter what I set the resolution to be, (eg 1920x1080) the imported files are always much bigger than the canvas. EVEN if the imported image is 320 x220. Is there a way round this strange phenomenon?edit:-its not like after effects or an editing package. its the camera distance. How odd but a relief there is a reason!

This is driving me around the bend too. In SBPro 1.6 if you imported a file, it filled the canvas. I don’t understand why this should have changed in version 2, but it’s an idiotic change. I have had to go back to 1.6 to do my bitmap importing.

What you probably want to do is choose HDTV-Vertical. What happens is that when you import it fits to the drawing canvas - so that’s why now there’s a resolution for vertical fit vs. horizontal fit.

If you go into your resolution.conf file, you can also edit custom resolutions to make sure they’re using the right fitting.