Imported image is 25% larger than frame

I’ve set my frame to be 1920x1080. I imported an image of that same size in, and needed to reduce it by 75% in order for it to fit in the frame.

I reduced the image in Photoshop to 75%, and imported it again at the smaller size. It was the exact same size as the previous image import in Storyboard Pro 4, and still needed to be reduced AGAIN to 75% to fit in the frame.

I can’t find any preference setting that addresses this, nor any sort of document settings to adjust frame size.

Still working my way through the tutorials…slowly.

There is a choise between vertical and horisontal fit.
This can first of all be reached inNew( the create new project window)
Press the + icon below the format resolution window.
There is a choice between horizontal and vertical fit. You will also be able to create “any resolution of your choise”.
The FOV will give field of view on camera. This is probably more predictable to adjust and set in the cameras tool properties before you add it to a projects properties.

To reach the scene settings from within a started project go to the top menu -Storyboard -Properties. In the window you will find several menues.
Under Project Resolution try to change from Horizontal to vertical and see if that helps.Do an import to cheque. If not play around with resolution and
resolution factor under bitmap options. Import to see the result.

If you find a combination that satisfies your need , make sure to create it as a new option in the New project window.
This problem has been discussed many times. If you do a search here on the forum page (top right), you will get quite some examples on how to tackle it. Try search words, fit to vertical, or whatever relevant to the topic.

Best regards

Thanks, but the search function is barely useful, as it searches all forums, not just the Storyboard Pro forum. Although I guess putting “storyboard” in the search will help. :slight_smile:

The FOV gives me a number, but it’s of little use, as there is no indication of what this number represents. I’ll experiment at some point, but for now the HDTV Vertical keeps the imported file within the storyboard frame.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Sorry if I sound frustrated, but the implementation of what I thought to be very basic functions is confounded by what I assume to be the creation of storyboard software on the backbone of animation/3D software. That FOV/camera stuff should be covered right at the top of any tutorial or manual.

As it is, I’m finding the (outdated) video tutorials on the site to be almost as frustrating as trying to figure it out on my own. After watching the “importing 3D elements” video, I’m not sure if the creator was loopy from having made so many videos that day, or really really high.

Hi again

As you say,just changing to vertical fit often solves the problem.
Depends what suits the format imported.
The FOV is far more predictible from the tools properties.
Just leave as it is in the scene properties.
When project is open choose the camera tool. Go to the tool properties window. In the Selected Keyframes area there is an angle-icon. Hoover your cursor over it and you will see its Field of View.
You can now try out the field of view and immediatly see the result of the change. Myself I have never changed it except for trying it out.

But in the area below Static attributes I have set the near clip plane to 0,1. This to avoid the camera to clip of when you come close to 3D layers.

Best regards

Thanks, Ivaar. I’ll check that out.

How long have you been working with this software? Just wondering how slow/stupid I am. :slight_smile:

Started out with toonboom studio in 2006 and storyboard from 2009.
Also followed a 1 week course in storyboard and harmony in 2010.
But this forum and the videotutorials have been the main source for learning. Its not stupid to ask if there is something one want to know.
Searching the forum can also be a great source for learning the software.
Myself I had great time following the videotutorials. But of course at that time they were totally fresh. Saturdays I was always checking if there were coming new ones, sitting down with a cup of cofee in front of the computer and just playing them over a couple of times as I tried out the new knowledge in the software. Well, if they are outdated because of the new features in the software , thats a pity. But the software hopefully has become better. Myself I must say that the stability and features of the last version is very pleasing.
Just to make clear. Answering questions is something that sharpens the mind. I don’t mind at all. In fact thats the main learning source at the moment. When it comes to Sherm Cohen, that has made the major part of videotutorials for the storyboard; If I had the money I would certainly buy his storyboard secrets tutorial collection.

Best regards