Imported image files turn to garbage

I’m having lots of fun learning my way into SB Pro 4, but I have encountered a serious bug which has stalled my current project.

I can’t use imported images (say for tracing over to draw nice cars, for instance).

I have tried importing png screen shots, jpg photos, and jpg scanned images.

I’ve imported straight into the library, and also as import as layers, and import as sequences.

In the editable window they appear as fragmented mish mash versions, part original image, but mostly computer blather (like you shredded the pic, and also a random computer screen grab, and randomly re-assembled a new image from the combined snippings).

Interestingly, in the library, the images I imported straight to there have thumbnails that look good, but when you drag them into the image editing area so they become a layer, then they look like scrambled messes as do their layer thumbnails.

I closed all programs, re started SB Pro 4 but still no luck.

Is there a fix for this?
I couldn’t find anything in the knowledge base.

I’m running Mac OS X 10.6.8 booted in 64 bit mode.

Currently I have a nice sequence worked out in thumbnail form (drawn straight into the program) but now I’d like to dress it up a bit with some better drawn elements which I need to import image files to achieve (particularly tracing some cars!).

SBPro 4 is not supported on OSx 10.6, only 10.7 and newer.

After I import a image as a layer I change the bitmap layer to a vector layer and it looks fine.

How do I do that? running into the same problem - project due on Monday and not doing a system upgrade this weekend!!!

found it under the layers - conversion worked - thanks

Another cool thing you can do with the bitmap layers is blur the image for better depth of field. I just discovered this and i love it!