Imported Illustrator vectors unable to set individual opacity

Hello all,

I am partial to importing my characters faces from illustrator saved in legacy CS2. For the most part everything works well, but I am unable to modify individual vector opacity. I set the shadows to the proper opacity in Illustrator and when I import them in to Animate Pro, they are all at 100%. When I try and reset the opacity to the correct level, it effects several at a time. Regardless of how I import the images, be it by running the illustrator import script so that the images are on their own layers, or if I do an import images from the library one at a time. Any body got a super happy terrific answer for me? Thanks Happy Holidays!

Well, I am still using Illustrator CS (11.0.0) with Animate 2 (not Pro)…Illustrator import (.ai-files) works very well, all those files come-in as a single template,all Illustrator-swatches are imported accordingly, like solid colour, gradient or textures,but, all transparency applied in Illustrator are ignored, all those swatches are at 100 % transparency after import into Animate… Even every imported swatch is still fully editable, either with the Edit Gradient Tool,or the Colour Swatch, using, e.g., the Alpha-Slider for Transparency, or change the colour altogether…Sometimes one has to apply new swatches to certain areas to avoid changes to multiple areas at the same time…RegardsNolan

Nolan is correct - transparency is not supported. But you can edit the colour palette to change the transparency. When you edit a colour pot, it will update all of the things that were painted with that pot, so if you want some areas to be affected and some not then you will need to duplicate that colour pot and repaint those areas.