Imported Graphics not showing up in Drawing View

Was working on a rotoscope kinda project in Animate 1 using an imported MOV file.

Opened the file in Animate 2 and, in Drawing View, the frames of the MOV file wasn’t visible at all. The timeline showed that the imported MOV file is a symbol. Not wanting to re-import the file, I thought that I would try something.

And it worked. After trial and error, the method I used is:

select the first frame of the layer the symbol’s on. Go to edit and select Expand Symbol (command-B on the Mac), and a new sublayer appears below the Symbol’s layer. Instead of the Film-Strippy blue frame icons, the frames look like grey frames(cells, exposures). There’s one new cell for each frame of the imported MOV file. The layer icon is the white dot in the upper left and the rest is blue, so I guess that means it’s a bitmap-type layer. As long as that layer’s visibility is checked, it will be ‘washed’ out when the Lighttable button is active.

That’s a way to import a MOV file as one symbol, to your scene, break it down to individual cells without having hundreds of individual frames in your symbol library; because Expanding a Symbol just expands the copy of the symbol and not the actual symbol itself.

I’m posting this here in Tech Support, because there’s not a “tips and hints” section for this forum (and that’s a hint right there :wink: )

Hope somebody finds this useful