Imported Flash Images

We recreated a character out of imported Flash image files, but when we begin to build a hierarchy, the character part suddenly shrinks and moves (and data showing identical position, scale, before AND after).

Any ideas why this happens and how to fix?

When we import (depends on the version of Harmony), every element are scaled and translated to be at the right size and right position.

When you put one element as a child of another one, the transformation of the parent element will be added to the transformation of the child.
All the element values are relevant when not using parenting.

To fix this, you need to reset all values, rig your elements and try to manually figure out transform values to have the same result.
You will also have to manage pivots.

I hope this helps.

Thanks! We will look to reset image values. Seems a bit archaic. I guess we expected Harmony to do most of this automatically (or at least ask us during import “Do you want to reset all values?”).