imported backrounds look blurry

I’ve been importing painted backgrounds for my cartoon from Artrage in bitmap format. The files are slightly larger than the aspect ratio( dv nstc anamorphic ) in case I need to zoom in on them. Things look great when I view them in a snapshot preview. Both the animation and the background appear losslessly, with all detail intact.
However… when exporting to .mov AND .avi ( no compression, highest quality, millions of colors ), the animation made in TBS looks great, but my backrounds appear blurry! This is delaying a serious project from getting off the ground for a week now. If anybody has had success with imported backgrounds, PLEASE PLEASE let me know how you did it.
The only way to get lossless quality so far has been to export in HD, but my god, 1gig for every nine seconds…not feasible for my setup.
thanks in advance!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Okay here’s the deal. Your .avi or .mov file is gonna look crappy and blurry until you play it on your TV. If you have created video for DV NSTC format, then you have to play it on hardware of the same. Your PC monitor is not nearly the same as your television.
Yes, TB is doing it’s job just fine. Just ignorant folks like me making a hard time for ourselves. Man, what a relief! ;D