Imported backgrounds get pixelated when zooming in

I’ve found out the hard way that the backgrounds I imported from external images will start showing all the pixels in their full glory whenever the camera zooms in.

Is there a way to automatically apply a simple filter to these images, so that they won’t look so pixelated?

What resolution are your bitmap-images, regarding to your project-size ?

It’s advisable to use bitmap-images in far greater resolution than your project-settings,
specially when doing lots of camera work, panning, zooming etc…

Using a Radial-Blur-Node from the Filter-Section to soften the edges might be helpful.
Experiment with the Radius-Settings. Or, if necessary keyframe those Settings.
The closer you get with the Camera, the higher the Radius.

Thanks for the reply.

They’re just the same size that’s supposed to appear on screen when no zoom is applied to them.

So you mean there’s no way to automatically filter the zoomed in images? Man, that was unexpected…

What image size do the pros use for backgrounds in their current TV series, anyway?

Does anybody know any examples that could shed some light into this subject?

No idea what the standard is in the industry.

As an experiment, I would create several versions of the bitmap in different sizes (200%, 300%, 400%+), import them to separate layers then test each one to see which was the smallest that held up to your desired degree of zooming in without pixelating.

I have read about animators doing something like this when using a professional level bitmap-based animation software.

BTW this forum should be as active, organized, navigable and moderated as that competitor’s (Toon Boom are you reading? …of course not.)

Here is an old thread (earlier version of software) discussing the topic that may be useful: