Imported Audio/Video won't sync

Hello guys!

So I’m trying to do a project where I have two animated characters sitting on the shoulders of a human. In order to do it accurately I need to import my footage from real life into Harmony so I can animate over it. Of course, both of the animated characters talk, so I need to have their dialogue (and some other special effects sounds) so I can accurately lip sync.

My trouble is, is that for some reason, whenever I import the movie the sound and the frames will not sync up. I have my premier settings checks so the .mov exports in 12 fps and when I open the scene on harmony I have it set at 12 fps aswell, (and it worked once, but then toonboom completely deleted all the drawings after I tried exporting it for no reason at all) but even so, the audio is going way faster than the picture.

Is there a certain import setting that I need to be clicking on either premier or TBH that I’m missing? Or am I going to have to animate on 23.967 frames, lol.


Hey! So I actually figured it out on my own, but for anyone else in the future who needs a fix. I saw that my footage when imported was doubling each frame, which is why my frames were twice as long as the audio, the best fix is to go into xsheets. (under windows) and select the whole column (click the top) and then change the hold/exposure settings from 2, 1.

This program is so intuitive, but also not, like, why can’t I go to the next frame using the back and forth keys, and I don’t like having to go to the play button in order to play, there really should be a setting to change that. Allas, that is for a different time.