Imported .ai images are too big


I’m having an issue working with my Illustrator drawings in Harmony 12.2.

So there’s my character I once created in Illustrator (saved in legacy mode as CS2).
The import itself worked fine and once I’ve dragged the template into the stage, I can also see the layers in the layers panel - everything as expected.

Except the size.
The character is about twice the size of my scene.

In Illustrator, the canvas was set to 470x780 px, so it’s even smaller than my actual scene in Toon Boom which is 750x850 px.
But no matter how I change any of these sizes, the drawing is always much bigger than my Toon Boom scene.
How can that be?

The problem is that even if I scale the character down manually by using the transform tool, it won’t be pixel perfect, which means there will always be a notable difference between the Toon Boom images and the Illustrator images.
Besides that, it would be very inconvenient to always scale it down before I can start animating.

Do you have an idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you!

Hi! Sorry for my late response, I’ve been quite busy the last days and haven’t checked the forums.
Thanks for your help, will try that out later today.

But to be honest I’m not sure how that will work out.
What if I am already working on an animation? The Illustrator import might work well, but when toggling vertical/horizontal fit, I also change the size of my drawings.

But I have the feeling that changing sizes in TB is a difficult matter in general. What for example if I want to change the size of the canvas because I notice that I need more space. If I understand the scene settings correctly, I’d never have the chance to change the size of my stage while keeping the drawings untouched.

I can only speak for how I set all of my scenes up and that is to maintain a consistent canvas across both Illustrator and Harmony. I always set up my canvas/stage to be video film setting 1920x1080 no matter what the size of the drawing is whether I’m drawing a character or a tiny flower, because that is what I export the final product from Harmony as. Then it shouldn’t really matter how artwork imports from Illustrator because even if it’s too big or small, when I resize the elements on stage it will still look good. I do all of my character lineups in Illustrator on a 1920x1080 canvas and then have that stage size in ToonBoom because then I know all of my characters will have consistent line weights and will look good next to each other.

I understand that this suits your workflow.
But the thing is that we’re working on a 2D computer game and when animating, it’s necessary that the character (or any other animated object) always stays the same size whether it’s an idle frame, a walk cycle or any other kind of animation. Otherwise, when ingame, you’ll get notable differences between specific animations concerning the size and that just doesn’t look good.

On the other hand, going for a universal full screen resolution as you do is not an option, unfortunately. That would be a total waste of resources for our game and my programmer would kill me. :wink:

So that means the only way to provide each character a consistent size (regardless of the resolution) is scaling manually by eye?

That’s a pity, but I can live with that. Though I would totally love to see such a feature in a future update.

No idea? Really? :frowning:
It’s really inconvenient to always scale everything down manually for each animation.
I also dragged my character into the library and everytime I want to re-use the character for a new animation, it’s totally upscaled when I drag it into the scene.
There must be a better way…?

I create my characters in Illustrator too but don’t have this problem. Try this: when creating a new document in Illustrator choose the film/tv setting (instead of print) and set it the same size as your ToonBoom stage. That’s what I do and have no issues. Let me know if you need more info on this. I’m not in front of my computer right now :slight_smile:

Great, will check that when I get home!
Maybe I missed that setting while checking the Illustrator drawing properties.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Okay I’ve tried what you said but it’s still weird.
Now it’s not twice the size anymore, but still notably bigger than my TB stage, see video below.

Is there still something I miss?

Check the Scene Settings. Switching between Horizontal Fit and Vertical Fit will scale imported objects. This may be a factor here.

(NOTE: I jumped into Animate Pro 3 to experiment with this. I did not boot up my system with Harmony Premium to compare.)

o0Ampy0o is right. If you set it to Horizontal it should be perfect. That is, it should look identical to your illustrator document. It works for me.